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About Silk Fabric

Silk is a wonderfully luxurious, versatile fabric. It helps to keep us cool in hot weather, and warms us in colder temperatures. It displays fabulous softness and lustre, the likes of which cannot be replicated with man-made fibres. As pure silk is such a luxurious fabric, it needs to be handled with due care. Be careful not to use or apply any cosmetic products (such as body lotions, tanning lotion) whilst wearing or stepping into your silk lingerie, as these will likely cause damage. Silk requires more tenderness and care than made-made fibres or cottons, but the rewards of owning and wearing silk outweigh any concerns, as you shall hopefully discover for yourself..

Caring for your silk lingerie

All of our silks are pre washed and pre shrunk as soon as they reach our studio. We do this to guarantee that the lustre and consistency of the silk will not alter after you have laundered your andEdna garment (which is sometimes a common occurrence in silk, particularly dupion silk - although we use crepe-backed silk satin and double silk georgette in our garments). Another advantage of pre washing, is that it means you can now wash your andEdna garments in a household washing machine.

To machine wash your andEdna garment(s) - firstly, ensure your washing machine is generally clean by wiping with a towel. Place garment into the organza bag which it arrived in, pulling the drawstring ribbon closed. Place into the washing machine drum, preferably alone, or with items the same colour/fabric. Do not wash with underwired bras or zips, as these could catch and damage your andEdna garment. Washing detergent - use specialist silk detergent ONLY. We recommend 'Persil Silk & Wool' wash.

NEVER use general washing detergent, as these contains bleaching enzymes, which will damage your silk garments. Wash at 30 degrees. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Gently shake your garment and drape/hang to dry. Once dry, you may find ironing your lingerie smoothes out any creases induced by washing. To do this, set your iron to 'silk' (or a very low setting) ensuring no water is leaking, and that the steaming option is not selected. Gently iron. Alternatively, you may place some light cotton fabric over the silk fabric to iron any creases out, keeping the iron on the same settings as above.

Isolated droplets of water can cause marks on silk fabrics, so exercise caution when ironing, and do not use water to attempt to spot remove any stains or marks.

To hand wash your andEdna garments, firstly ensure your washing vessel is clean. Fill with mild water, adding a splash of specialist silk detergent. Submerge the lingerie (this time the organza bag is not necessary, as hand washing will not produce as much agitation as machine washing). Gently agitate the lingerie. Rinse, again, handling the lingerie with care. Do not squeeze or twist the lingerie. Drape or hang to dry.