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Sizing information

All andEdna garments are made to individual measurements, supplied by the customer. Each garment will require a specific set of measurements, for example our Bloomers require the waist, hip and thigh measurements, whereas the Shorties require the high hip measurement only. Please refer to the illustration for guidelines on where on the figure to take these measurements.

To take an accurate set of measurements, firstly ensure you are wearing clothing that facilitates accurate measuring, ie - not jeans or shapewear which may alter measurement results. Next, take a measuring tape and place it around your body where you wish to take the desired measurement. Important - please ensure the tape is placed comfortably around the body, not restricting in any way, and that you can breathe comfortably. With the inches side of the tape upwards, make a note of the results.

To measure the Bust, place the measuring tape around the bust at the fullest part, ensuring the tape is perfectly horizontal across the back checking in a mirror glass.

The Underbust is measured in the same way, lowering the tape to directly below the bust, onto where a bra band may usually sit.

The Waist measurement is taken at the smallest part - again ensuring the tape is comfortably and you can breathe easily.

The High Hip measurement is taken around the hips, across the hip bones. This is where you may normally wear the waistband of low-slung trousers.

The Hip measurement is taken around the fullest part of the derriere, ensuring the tape is placed comfortably and not digging in.

The Thigh measurement is taken around the fullest part of the thigh, again ensuring the tape is placed comfortably.

All measurements should be taken in inches, if any results include half inches, enter .5 in the measurement boxes when you would like to order.

Ordering Process

To enable us to provide the best customer service possible, we ask that all customers create an account with us. In your account, you will be able to save orders, update your shipping address and finalise orders. To create an account, click on the Login/Register page link on the menu at the upper right-hand side. Choose a Username - at least 5 characters, a Password - at least 7 characters, an Email Address and a Postal Address. The postal address is optional, it simply provides a default for your order.

After creating an account, go to the Garments page, then select which item you are interested in purchasing. Click 'Start Order'. Select which fabric you would like the garment to be made in; for example if you require 1 pair in ivory silk, enter '1' in the ivory silk quantity box. You can also choose differing fabrics, for example 1 pair in ivory silk, 1 pair in peach silk.

Enter the measurements required - for our measuring guide and assistance, see above. Click 'Update'. Click 'Save Order'.

On the next page, you will be able to review a summary of your order. You will also have the option to change the delivery address. Click 'Order and Pay'.

You will then be directed to our Terms & Conditions, once you have read and understood these, click 'Buy Now' to purchase.

The next page directs you to Paypal, where we shall process payment. Again, we advise you check the delivery address at this stage, making any edits as appropriate. You can either choose to pay from a Paypal account, or using a bank card via Paypal. Once you are happy with the order summary and the delivery address, click 'Pay Now'. If you would like to cancel your order, click 'Cancel and Return to And Edna' which is at the very bottom of the page.

When you return from Paypal, login, or click your account name top right, you will be directed to your orders page.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email from Paypal, and an email from us confirming your order. Next, you will receive the following emails: when your order has been manually approved by us, work has commenced on your order, and finally, when your order has been dispatched. This information is also available to view upon logging into your account, by clicking on the appropriate order number. To ensure emails from us do not arrive in your spam or junk folder, please add info@andedna.com to your safe senders email list.

Our full terms and conditions can be seen here.